domingo, septiembre 14, 2008

Recycling is Bullshit

As far as I knew, recycling was a mess... Specially when you've visited one of this fancy factories where they separate your rubbish, and you've worked with someone who said that "post-it" notes are not recyclable because they have a thin layer of glue on it. BULL-SHIT.
I truly recommend you to watch the video and see how much money, time, and stress we would save, if we did not recycle our stuff (always being quite reasonable: there a few things that, actually, you can recycle, such as aluminum cans).

BTW, In Spain I think you can't get money from cans, can we?

Edited: Lo siento, el vídeo solo está en inglés, si lo encuentro con subtítulos o traducido, a lo mejor traduzco la entrada. =P

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