viernes, mayo 23, 2008

Summer all over my head again.

It's certaintly true that I can't wait for going to back to England.
I can't. I love that place. It's the place where i can be whatever I want to be, without considering any further consecuences that my personal improvement. The weather is not as good as here, of course(When good reffers to 50ºC and pavement People is strange(people there just don't care what the fuck is doing the rest of the people with their lives always that they're happy with them).
I dunno...
41 days left.
I can't wait for that.

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cellar_do0r dijo...

You've requested that I post a comment... several times.
Hm. I think that's all a matter of perception as far as the people are concerned. Maybe you think people poke and prod too much because you're... confined, perhaps?

Excuse the psychoanalysis. You damn asked for it from me. XD
However, I am excited for you and hope the countdown doesn't take as long as it seems.